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How can Berberine help with weight loss?

Why is weight loss important?

People understand that having excess weight is detrimental to their health, including increased risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, and even depression. Overweight people often struggle with lower self-esteem due to the stigmatization of their weight.

Unfortunately, many people have difficulty in implementing an effective weight loss program. For the people who need an extra edge in their weight loss efforts, adding a specialized weight loss supplement might be the answer.

In past supplements that claimed to aid weight loss have been ineffective or unsafe and sometimes both. Now, however, research suggests that there may be a powerful supplement that can give real results: Berberine.


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How can Berberine help with weight loss?

Berberine’s effectiveness as a weight-loss supplement comes from its ability to activate the AMPK enzyme in the cells. AMPK enzyme or “Metabolic Master Switch” works at the cellular level by

  • regulating energy metabolism,
  • increasing fat-burning mechanism and
  • increasing the utilization of glucose while blocking fat and cholesterol synthesis

When used with dieting and exercise, Berberine might be a powerful aid to weight loss.

Clinical study of berberine in weight loss.

A clinical study showed obese people lost an average of 5lbs over the 12-week course of treatment.

While these results may seem modest it is important to note that the patients in the trial experienced a 23% drop in their soluble triglyceride levels and a 12.2% drop in their cholesterol levels beyond what would be expected from weight loss alone. This means that Berberine helped the patients lose weight while simultaneously reducing the harmful chemical correlates of being overweight - high triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
As such, berberine provided valuable protection of overall health.

For all the people who are interested in Berberine as a weight loss supplement, it's important to also consider the quality and strength of the Berberine supplement. The recommended dosage is 500mg capsules taken thrice a day.

FōLIUS LABS™ Berberine is not only provided in a pharmaceutical-grade dosage with no additives, but we also chose the best quality natural ingredient, HIMABERB®, which is ultra-high purity water extracted Berberine Hydrochloride 97%.
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