Better supplements through better science.

Our process is simple and scientific. We select better ingredient concentration through R&D. We double test the ingredients and final product rigourously. We keep it all clean label, which means without the use of any excipients. To ensure complete transparency we also provide you with the certificate of analysis.

Research & Development

Our supplements are selected and designed at the right concentrations by our qualified in-house experts of medical practitioners and naturopaths that study, select and assure quality to bring you supplements that work.

Dr. Lokesh Patil

Dr. Lokesh Patil

PhD, MS, Biotechnology


Lokesh is an expert at designing, optimizing and implementing assays for pre-clinical testing as well as for research work aimed at drug discovery and testing. With a rich background in merging biology with engineering and technology, his passion drives accelerated translational research for patient-focused treatments. He has a strong interest in alternative therapies, particularly traditional Chinese and Indian practices, and using modern scientific approaches to decode their mechanisms of actions and toxicity at cellular level. He has a MS degree from The University of Texas at Arlington and PhD degree from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Neelam Singh

Dr. Neelam Singh



Dr Neelam is an experienced medical practitioner (OB-GYN) who specialises in women’s health and nutrition. She has over four decades of experience in medicine and has keen interest in research and clinical evidence of nutritional supplements that can provide preventive action rather than pharmaceutical intervention. She has an MBBS and MD from King George’s Medical College, India and also holds a Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health from Lund University, Sweden.

Abhishek Attri

Abhishek Attri



Abhishek is a GMP champion and the Quality Assurance lead who is obsessed (in a good way!) with processes and quality management systems. With an engineering background and decades of management and operations experience, he ably leads our quality assurance team to ensure our supplements meet the strictest, self-imposed quality standards. Abhishek is a PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) for US FDA-recognized standardized curriculum for food safety and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

Optimized dosage through R&D

Optimized dosage means achiving the balance between efficacy and long term safety. Our team puts in many hours to ensure that the supplements we provide are not only efficacious but also safe in long term usage. We also only and always formulate them as clean label without any excipients or preservatives.