Our quality promise.

  • Clean label


  • Lab tested


  • Non GMO


  • Optimized Purity


bacopa 40% natural ingredients

Clean Label Supplements

Traceable, transparent and tested.

Sustainably sourced and formulated with a single active ingredient for assured purity and potency. No fillers, dyes or unneccesary excipients.



Clean Label Philosophy

Single pure active compound

No "complex" formulations with unnecessary additives, fillers, or binders.

Our supplements do not contain any taste-masking agents, starch (such as rice flour or maltodextrin), colouring agents, preservatives, lubricants, humectants or bulking agents.

Single active ingredient with no "complex" formulations that are easy to recognise and understand.

Only a pure, potent, and safe dosage of the active ingredient.

For more information, please see our products page.

Optimized efficacy and safety

We optimize the dosage per capsule (and the recommended daily dosage) using our research to maintain a balance between the concentration vs long-term toxicity of the supplement.

Supplements, often administered in incorrect or very high concentration, can have long-term adverse effects that may not be obvious immediately.

We formulate our supplements based on research found not only in western medicine, but also in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other traditional medicine.

To see the optimised active ingredients, visit the products section.

Lab tested purity

Always externally tested in third party labs for assay, solvent and pesticide residues, microbes and heavy metals to provide only the purest supplements.

Please visit our section on Certificate of Analysis to download the batch certificate of potency and purity for your purchased supplements.

Our sustainability promise

We extend our clean label philosophy into our packaging and become the first retail herbal supplement brand to offer 100% plastic free packaging.

Our products are packaged in a plastic free food grade aluminium tin and the packaging (including the product seals) are a 100% plastic free.

To know more, visit our sustainability section.

berberine_with_lid from FOLIUS Labs

Certificate of Analysis

We test all our product batches in external accredited third party labs to ensure efficacy and safety of our products. Request CoA by clicking below.


Supplements you can trust.

  • Fillers, taste- masking excipients or preservatives.

    Fillers, taste- masking excipients or preservatives.

  • Fillers, taste- masking excipients or preservatives.

    Plastic used in our product formulation or packaging.

  • Plastic used in our product formulation or packaging.

    Clean & "optimized" dosage for safety & efficacy.

  • Plastic used in our product formulation or packaging.

    Of our products are lab tested pre and post formulation.