natural ingredients sourced

All our natural ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced from different parts of the world and provided in a clean label and optimized dosage for a minimally processed and easy to understand supplement.

Our sustainable sourcing system for natural ingredients ensures that we have a reliable supply chain with minimal ecological impact.

Introducing an industry first, aluminium packaging for our supplements.

In an industry first, all our supplements are available only in reusable and food grade aluminium tins.

They are sealed with specially manufactured tin-seals to prevent moisture and contamination of the supplements. Our tins are packed in recycled kraft paper boxes with recycled paper labels.

All our supplements are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Our supplements are formulated with vegan/ vegetarian friendly ingredients in easy to swallow veg '00' HPMC capsules.

Our supplements are free from dairy, fillers, preservatives and other allergens to provide you with a potent and safe dosage.