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What are standardized supplements?

With the growing market of supplements where everyone is claiming to be the best, supplement labels can be a bit confusing. And when words like “whole herb” and “standardized” pop up things become even more confusing. Here we are making things easier for you to understand and choose the best supplement for yourself.

The definition of standardized #foliuslabs

The definition of standardized

Standardization is a process used by manufacturers to ensure batch to batch consistency of their product. In some cases, standardization of herbs involves identification of specific chemicals known as markers that can be used for the manufacturing of a consistent product. In other words, we can say standardization is a method of quality control.

Dietary supplements need to confirm product specification. However, they are not necessarily required to be chemically standardized in the United States. In fact, no legal definition exists in the United States for dietary supplements. Because of this the term “standardization” can have multiple meanings.

Ideally, the standardized supplement will have an active constituents of herb in a specific percentage.

For example, FōLIUS LABS™ Berberine which is a pharmaceutical grade dosage, and chooses the standardized ingredient, HIMABERB®, which is an ultra high purity water extracted Berberine Hydrochloride standardized to 97% which is measured by HPLC (an advanced technique in active component measurement).

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